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Sunday, February 19, 2006

coComment is now open to all.

coComment has now opened the doors to everyone as invitations are no longer required.

But what is it?  coComment is a unique way of keeping track of all the comments you make on all the blogs you visit.  Sometimes you just get lost on where you last made comments.  With a simple Bookmarklet that works in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, you simply add the bookmarklet to your favourites/links toolbar and then write your comment.  Then hit the bookmarklet, then, finally, submit your comment as normal.

coComment will then track the comments for you in that section.  There is also two additional tool you can use.  The first is a little bit of javascript that you can put on your own blog that displays your comments -- I have one on this blog on the right.  Second, there is an RSS feed available that you can put into your aggregator.

It works with most major Blogging sites with more planned.  My only suggestion is that they make deals with these sites so that the coComment code could be integrated so that the use of a bookmarklet would no longer be needed.

This is all still in beta, but it does show promise in making it easier to keep track of all those comments floating around the Internet.

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