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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Testing Qumana v3b1

After being in contact with the author of Qumana, Ianiv Schweber, I have begun testing Qumana. So far there has been issues with setting up my blogs as documented below. Since then, I have managed to setup my blogs but have had other issues.

My first attempts at publishing to this blog failed. The next day, I tried republishing and it did publish, but without the title. (I erased that post.) Subsequent attempts to publish returned a cryptic "Method not supported by Blog" error. Ianiv has stated that he will be working on better error messages in a future release.

With Ianiv being prompt with responses (something I always appreciate in a developer) I am looking forward to new bug fixed releases. Most importantly the issues of publishing to Blogger based blogs must be addressed, but I have every confidence that all issues will be addressed.

More to come ....

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