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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Has an Innocent Company been Hurt?

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: PriceRitePhoto Update #24, Has an Innocent Company Been Hurt in My PriceRitePhoto Coverage?

Sometimes the blogosphere has a very negative impact. It is here that one must sit back and think about their impact on others when they have a popular blog.

Journalistic skills may fall short when the resources for fact checking do not exist. In this case, the author relied on a source and it looks like that source does not have accurate information. This has caused irrepairable damage to an innocent company.

However, this also draws attention to the source, the Better Business Bureau (BBB.) Somehow there data may be incorrect. As a source looked upon for reliable and accurate data on businesses, their attention to accuracy must be held to the highest standard. Perhaps they should look into their database and information gathering practices.

Most importantly, however, I think Thomas Hawk needs to be commended for his public apology. One can only hope that this can all be resolved.

However, I expect that this is not the end of this matter. Knowing the U.S. penchant for lawsuits, I see a couple forthcoming from the damaged business owner.

More to come ...

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  • Hmmm! Justice on the Internet? Can there really be such a thing - when most often the power of the medium itself proves stronger than the message?

    I have found myself at the sharp end of an orchestrated response from a group of bloggers in & from the Philippines in my efforts to get to the bottom of (what I believed & still do) an organised scam attempt - emotional extortion.

    Propaganda in skilled hands will perhaps always win the day?

    By Blogger ellumbra, at Mon Nov 30, 02:46:00 PM EST  

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