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Monday, November 07, 2005

Own Robby the Robot!

Own Robby the Robot

Now everyone can own that classic robot!

Lightweight Plastic Could Stand in for Computer Display.

HP testing material to replace newsprint - Lightweight plastic could stand in for computer display

Imagine a computer display can be rolled up and tucked under an arm just like a newspaper. This is exactly what Hewlett Packard is testing. This is but one of several companies that are researching this type of technology. Philips and Xerox PARC.

The idea of being able to take an electronic newspaper or an electronic book and roll it up, put it in a bag or even fold up as a book and stuff in a pocket has an appeal for future aplications such as multimedia presentation on a small, flexible form factor is but one benefit. The possiblitites of the environmental savings of this reusable media is obvious.

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10 Worst Job in Science

The Worst Jobs in Science - Popular Science

While not quite Technology, it certainly comes close. Image having one of these jobs ...

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Microsoft: IE Patch Breaks Web Sites

Microsoft: IE Patch Breaking Web Sites

Is anyone really surprised? I thought not ...

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